Cannabis in Phuket, What is THC and How Does It Work?

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What isTetrahydrocannabinol (THC)? The principal psychoactive component that distinguishes the unique qualities of cannabis. This comprehensive guide sheds light on THC’s importance in the distinctive cannabis culture deeply embedded in Phuket’s society. Know what truly the “high” chemical component that is in our cannabis flower at Phuket Weed Express.

Phuket’s Cannabis Culture

Phuket’s relationship with cannabis is deeply rooted in its culture. However, it wasn’t always used the way it’s used today. Changes in laws have paved the way for the exploration of cannabis in different aspects of life. Notably, Phuket has started to incorporate cannabis into various wellness practices and social activities, which has sparked curiosity among locals and tourists.

THC: The Power behind Cannabis Effects

Cannabis is a complex plant with many compounds, but THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most well-known. It is this part that is largely responsible for how cannabis influences a person’s feelings and senses. But why does THC do this?

Well, THC resembles chemicals that our body naturally produces — it’s like a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into certain spots in our brain and nervous system. These spots are called cannabinoid receptors, and they’re part of a large network in our body. When THC connects with these receptors, it sends messages that can lead to various feelings and experiences.

1. Positive Effects:

  • Feeling of happiness (euphoria): THC triggers the release of the brain’s reward chemical, dopamine, which makes us feel happy.
  • Relaxation: THC can slow down parts of the brain that cause stress and anxiety.
  • Enhanced senses: Some people find colors brighter, music more profound, and taste more intense.

2. Negative Effects:

  • Paranoia: Too much THC can make the brain overactive, leading to anxiety and paranoid thoughts. This is somewhat common and not too bad. Learn about other people’s experience with paranoai from this reddit post.
  • Drowsiness: THC can affect the parts of the brain that regulate sleep, making some people feel overly sleepy.
  • Memory issues: THC can disrupt the function of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for forming memories.

Everyone reacts to THC differently due to factors such as body chemistry, overall health, and tolerance developed from past cannabis use.

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THC and the Body

Our bodies have a system called the endocannabinoid system that controls many important functions like mood, appetite, sleep, and pain. This system is made up of cannabinoid receptors that THC can interact with.

Imagine THC as a key that opens specific locks (cannabinoid receptors) within your body. When THC ‘unlocks’ these receptors, it changes how they usually function, leading to a variety of effects. However, the way THC interacts with these receptors differs from person to person due to their unique biological makeup, overall health, and history of cannabis use. Smoking a lot of weed will increase your tolerance, although this isn’t permant and can be reduced with time.

Understanding the Influence of THC Concentration in Cannabis Products

The strength of cannabis products mostly depends on their THC concentration. Each type of the cannabis plant has different levels of THC, which affects the power of the final product. A higher THC concentration usually means a stronger effect, but it’s important to keep in mind that more doesn’t always mean better. For some people, a product with less THC can create a more relaxing and controlled experience. Understanding how your body reacts to different THC concentrations is vital to exploring your personal cannabis use. Look through our selection of cannabis flowers and find the perfect one for you. We price all our indoor-grown strains the same, just as we do with our outdoor-grown strains. With us, your choices are never about price.


Going on a journey through Phuket’s diverse cannabis culture gives you a deep, complete understanding of the many-sided world of cannabis and THC. As research keeps uncovering new information about THC and how it interacts with our bodies, our understanding grows, helping us make better choices. 

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