What to Know: Edibles vs Smoking in Phuket

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If you’ve ever wondered about the cannabis scene in Phuket, you’re in the right place. For those who are new to cannabis or just looking to understand more, this guide will introduce you to two enjoyable ways to consume it – through delectable edibles and traditional smoking. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Cannabis Edibles in Phuket

Edibles in Phuket aren’t just your usual snacks or drinks; they’re made with cannabis for a different kind of eating or drinking experience. You’ll find many kinds of edibles, from baked things like brownies and cookies, sweet stuff like gummy candies, and even drinks made with cannabis. Eating or drinking cannabis this way lets the effects come on slowly, giving you a gradual and long-lasting experience that’s different from smoking.

Smoking Cannabis

When you think about using cannabis, smoking is probably the first way that you think of. It’s the oldest and most widely known way to use cannabis. When you smoke, the cannabis gets into your body through your lungs, and the active parts move quickly into your bloodstream. This fast absorption leads to almost immediate effects, a big difference from the slow release of edibles.

Looking at How Long Each Lasts

How quickly the effects start and how long they last are two big differences between edibles and smoking. Phuket edibles are broken down by your digestive system, and it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before you start feeling the effects. But once the effects start, they can last for many hours, giving you a long-lasting, fun experience. Medical News Today says that it could last around 6 hours. On the other hand, the effects of smoking are almost right away but may start to go away after just a few hours.

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Talking About Taste and What It’s Like

If you like sweet things or like trying different flavors, you’ll love the edibles in Phuket. They come in all kinds of amazing tropical flavors, adding a fun food twist to your cannabis use. But if you smoke, you get the natural taste of the cannabis plant, which many old-school users love for its earthy flavor and unique smell. Mr Brownie Thailand make a pretty good weed brownies and do delivery in Phuket. I personally buy from them and we are not affliated; I am just a happy customer.

What’s more lowkey

If you want a more private way to use cannabis, edibles are a great choice. They look and taste just like regular food, so you can enjoy them without anyone else knowing. But if you smoke, it makes a unique smell that people can easily notice, making it less private compared to edibles. It is illegal to smoke outdoor anyway.

Considering Health Aspects

Health considerations also play a role when choosing between edibles and smoking. Edibles do not involve inhaling smoke, which is generally considered a healthier option. However, due to the delayed onset of effects with edibles, it’s easy to consume more than intended, which can result in a more intense experience. Which is why you should slow down edible, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t be like the meme: “This Edible Aint Shit”

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Tips for First-Timers in Phuket

If you’re new to cannabis use in Phuket, don’t worry! We have a few important tips for you. Start with a small amount, especially when trying Phuket cannabis edibles. Be patient and wait for the effects before you think about taking more. Always stay within what feels comfortable for you and make sure you’re in a safe, relaxed setting to enjoy your experience. If you have any question, feel free to direct it to us. We would love to help you with any questions you may have; even if you dont plan on purchasing.


Whether you choose to explore the tasty world of Phuket edibles or stick with traditional smoking, both offer unique experiences for different tastes. What you decide to do comes down to what you’re seeking in your cannabis journey. The secret to an unforgettable cannabis experience in Phuket is to consume responsibly and with knowledge. If you’re interested in trying some premium cannabis in phuket, we offer a nice selections at Phuket Weed Express. We currently dont sell any edible but we really do reccomend Mr Brownie Thailand, not affliated but love their products.

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