Exciting New Method for Bong Smoking in Phuket!

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If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your bong sessions, you might be interested in a growing trend amongst smoking enthusiasts around the globe. Traditionally, it’s common to add ice cubes to your bong for a cooler, smoother hit. However, some are flipping this idea on its head and using warm water instead. This might seem strange, but there’s some reasoning behind it. Let’s dive in!

Bong Water Basics

The primary purpose of water in a bong is to cool down the hot smoke, leading to a smoother and more pleasant hit. It also filters ash out of the hit, trapping it at the bottom of your bong. This process, however, doesn’t filter everything, including much of the small, harmful smoke particulate.

When talking about warm water in the context of a bong, it’s important to understand what we mean by “warm”. It should be a temperature comfortable for you to touch and sip. Not too hot to drink, but warmer than room temperature. Usually, this means the water will be between 80 and 110 F.

Debunking Warm Water Myths

There’s a common belief that warm water wouldn’t cool the smoke as effectively as cold water. However, even warm water is significantly cooler than the temperature of the smoke coming from a lit bowl. So, it still can help to cool down the smoke, making it easier on your lungs.

The Warm Water Experience

Using warm water in a bong introduces a new element to your smoking experience. For one, it adds novelty, which can make your sessions more enjoyable if you’re used to using the same bong regularly. Moreover, some users have reported that warm water results in smoother and stronger hits.

Humidity in Your Bong

Humidity might not be something you usually consider in relation to your bong, but it’s a factor worth exploring. The temperature of the water can affect the humidity levels within your bong, which in turn, influences the air mixing with your bong smoke.

Warm water in your bong increases the humidity of the smoke. This means the smoke gets mixed with small particles of water, making the hits more humid and reportedly smoother.

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Warm Water and Viscosity

Viscosity, or a liquid’s resistance to flow, is another factor to consider. Water is typically low viscosity, meaning it flows easily. The warmer the water, the less viscous it becomes.

So, when you use warm water in your bong, the smoke can flow more freely through it. This leads to more and smaller bubbles, which increases the water surface area the smoke gets exposed to. This could mean better filtration and a smoother hit.

Warm Water for Smooth Hits

Many users who have tried warm water in their bongs claim that it results in silky smooth hits, similar to being in a steam room or sauna. Some argue that the warm water provides a more soothing and smoother hit than using cold water or ice cubes. Of course, like many aspects of smoking, this comes down to personal preference.

Warm Water for Bong Cleaning

Some users believe that using cold water in a cold bong can increase resin buildup, decreasing the cannabinoids in your hits. They argue that using warm water softens the temperature change from the lit bowl to the inside of the bong, allowing the vapor to make it to your lungs more efficiently. This could hypothetically result in a higher intake of cannabinoids, providing a more potent hit.

Add a Twist: Lemon

An interesting suggestion is adding a splash of lemon to your warm bong water. This might not provide any significant benefits, but it could add a tangy flavor to your hits. The acidity from the lemon could also affect the solubility of chemicals in the water. While the scale of the effect is unknown, if you like the taste of lemon, you might enjoy this!

Safety: No Hot Water

It’s crucial to remember that when we say “warm water,” we don’t mean hot water. Using water that’s too hot can crack your bong or even burn you. Here are a few reasons to avoid hot water:

  1. It could crack your bong: Glass can break when exposed to extreme temperature changes. Rapidly going from cool or room temperature to hot can crack your favorite piece.
  2. It could burn you: The glass will become as hot as the water inside. If you use boiling hot water, you could burn your hand on the bottom of the bong.
  3. It could harm your lungs, throat, or face: Hot steam can burn or scald whatever it touches. If hot water was used in a bong, it’s not just the water to worry about, but also the steam.

Bacterial Concerns

Warm water can create a perfect environment for microorganisms to grow. As bongs already have a high risk for bacterial growth, using warm water can exacerbate this issue. Make sure you rinse out your bong between uses and clean it regularly to avoid creating a bacterial soup.

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Your Ideal Water Temperature

The ‘perfect’ water temperature for your bong is dependent on your personal preference. Some people swear by the cooling ability of ice cubes while others feel they make the bong hits more harsh, not smoother. The choice between warm or cold water is really up to you.


If you’re open to experimentation and want to try using warm water in your bong, go for it. Make sure the water is at a comfortable, drinkable temperature and always remember to rinse your bong thoroughly after use.

Your next bong session in the beautiful Phuket could be the perfect opportunity to try out the warm water method. It could offer you a fresh and exciting twist to your smoking routine. The choice to go for warm water, cold water, or even a dash of lemon is up to you. As always, make sure you’re considering safety, cleanliness, and enjoyment above all. So, why not give it a shot and see if you enjoy it? Happy experimenting!

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