Get High Without Weed: Phuket’s Runner’s High

Jogging in Phuket

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Many travelers around the world are on the hunt for unique experiences that uplift their spirits and stimulate their senses. However, not everyone wants to go down the route of recreational drugs. What if I told you there’s a way to feel good naturally? Get ready, because we’re about to reveal how to get high without touching a speck of weed. Let’s dive into the secret world of the ‘runner’s high’ in Phuket.

The Runner’s High: A Natural High Experienced by Many

Anyone engaging in moderate to high-intensity exercise can experience the natural high known as the ‘runner’s high’. It’s not just limited to marathon runners, and you might have felt it too – a sense of happiness, reduced stress, and even a touch of euphoria after a good workout. This fascinating sensation is backed by science and not merely a figment of your imagination!

Understanding the Workings of Endocannabinoids

You’ve probably heard of cannabinoids like THC or CBD found in cannabis plants, which are often associated with the feeling of being ‘high’. However, you may not be aware that our bodies produce their own versions of these chemicals, known as endocannabinoids.

Similar to their plant-based counterparts, these endocannabinoids function in our brain and body, helping to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, and even improve learning and memory. But before you think about replacing your morning jog with a joint, it’s essential to note that endocannabinoids don’t cause the mental impairment commonly linked to cannabis-induced highs.

Fascinatingly, research suggests that endocannabinoids, rather than endorphins, may be the true champions responsible for the ‘runner’s high’. Even when their body’s natural opioid receptors were blocked, people still experienced euphoria and reduced stress after exercise. However, when the effects of cannabinoid receptors were blocked, those benefits diminished.

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High on Life in Phuket

So, how do these scientific findings translate into real-world experiences in Phuket? Well, let’s just say you have plenty of options to boost your endocannabinoid levels and experience a natural ‘high’ without any need for cannabis.

Phuket, with its diverse landscapes and thrilling activities, offers numerous opportunities for moderate to high-intensity exercise, which stimulates the production of these happiness-inducing chemicals. Consider hitting the running trails, diving into ocean swimming, or even taking up a local Thai boxing class.

Whether you’re cycling up hills, enjoying a vigorous swim, or taking a long, brisk walk on the beach, exercising amidst the beauty of Phuket isn’t just beneficial for your body but also a boon for your mental health.


Scientific research suggests that the natural high we experience from exercise might be due to our body’s endocannabinoids, rather than endorphins as previously believed. So, when planning your itinerary in Phuket next time, consider including fun and adventurous physical activities. Who knows, you might discover your own ‘runner’s high’ amid the stunning landscapes of this tropical paradise.

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro athlete or a casual enthusiast; all you need is some good exercise and the breathtaking backdrop of Phuket to enjoy a completely natural, legal, and entirely beneficial high!

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