Grind weed without a Grinder: Cannabis in Phuket

Chopped herbs. Chop the dill kitchen knife on a wooden board.

Description: Chopping herbs with a knife and cutting board


Welcome to the vibrant and colorful world of cannabis in Phuket, where we are here to guide you on an essential part of your experience – grinding your weed. Whether you’re rolling a joint or packing a pipe, grinding your herb can significantly enhance your cannabis experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable.

Grinder vs. No Grinder: What’s the Difference?

The decision to grind or not grind your cannabis might seem insignificant, but it greatly impacts your experience. Grinding your weed before rolling a joint or blunt makes it easier to handle and delivers a smoother, more consistent burn. While it’s not strictly necessary when packing a bowl, many cannabis consumers in Phuket find that ground weed provides a more enjoyable smoking experience.

The Art of Using a Grinder

Grinders, designed specifically for breaking down cannabis, are the quickest and easiest way to grind your herb. Here’s a simple four-step process:

  1. Place your weed buds (seeds and stems removed) in the teeth of the grinder, leaving the center empty to allow pivoting.
  2. Rotate the grinder around ten times. The initial resistance should ease with subsequent rotations.
  3. The ground cannabis will collect in the grinder’s storage section.
  4. Open the grinder, retrieve your ground weed, and enjoy!

Especially with the sticky weed strains prevalent in Phuket, grinders prevent the odor and residue from sticking to other objects, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Handy Substitutes for a Grinder

No grinder? No problem! Here are ten alternative ways to grind your weed:

  1. Coffee Grinder: Just ensure to clean it thoroughly to prevent any mixing of flavors.
  2. Cheese Grater: Although it requires a bit more effort, it’s an effective way to grind your weed.
  3. Mortar and Pestle: Use dry or decarbed weed to avoid creating a sticky mess.
  4. Knife and Cutting Board: A bit more time-consuming but equally effective. Remember to clean your tools after grinding.
  5. Scissors: A quicker alternative to using a knife, remember to clean the scissors afterward to avoid sticky residues.
  6. Credit Card: Chop your buds on a flat surface using the edge of a credit card.
  7. Pill Bottle and Coin: Shake your cannabis with a clean coin inside a pill bottle. The coin acts as a grinder and breaks up the cannabis.
  8. Blender: A useful tool, but cleaning afterward might be challenging. Might not even worth the hassle.
  9. Shot Glass and Small Scissors: A handy alternative, simply chop your buds inside a shot glass.
  10. By Hand: The oldest method in the book, simply use your fingers to break down the cannabis buds.
Cheese grater

Description: Cheese grater

Things to Keep in Mind

Grinding does come with potential downsides. The grinding process can break the trichome heads, releasing a stronger odor and causing your cannabis to degrade faster. A way around this is to grind only as much as you need for each use, preserving the remaining cannabis buds.


Regardless of the method you choose, grinding your cannabis can significantly enhance your smoking or vaping experience in Phuket’s lively cannabis culture. The aim is to achieve a fine, consistent texture, ensuring a smooth and even burn. With this guide, you’re ready to enjoy cannabis in Phuket to the fullest. Happy grinding!

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