Indoor vs Outdoor Cannabis in Phuket, Thailand

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Ever wonder about the different ways cannabis is grown? In Thailand, both indoor and outdoor growing methods are popular. Each has its own unique process and the end results can vary quite a bit. In this guide, we’re diving deep into the world of cannabis cultivation. We’ll cover the ins and outs of both methods and how they might affect your experience.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor 

1. Taste

Indoor-grown cannabis usually has a steady taste because of the set environment. Growers can manage things like light, temperature, and humidity, making the plants grow in a regular way. This gives the buds a certain flavor. On the other hand, outdoor cannabis gets many benefits from nature. The plants deal with many different natural things, like soil type, weather, and local plants and animals. This can give the cannabis different and unique flavors. It’s a bit like how different places can make wine taste different.

2. Smell

The smell of indoor-grown cannabis is usually the same every time because of the controlled conditions. Using certain food for the plants, managing the light, and having no outside changes give a certain kind of smell. But, outdoor cannabis can have many smells. This is because of the many changes in nature, which can make the plants have different smells.

3. Appearance

Indoor cannabis often looks really good with tight, nice-looking buds. Set lights make the buds grow close together, and giving them the right food and setting can make them look really bright. But they might not have as many changes and might not grow as big because there’s not a lot of space. On the other hand, outdoor cannabis might not always look perfect because of the many changes in nature. But they can be much bigger because they have a lot of space to grow. They can also look different and natural because of the sunlight.

4. Quality

Indoor-grown cannabis usually has the same quality every time. Set conditions make a regular, same product. But it takes a lot of energy and might not have many changes. Outdoor cannabis might have different qualities because of the many changes in weather and nature. But sometimes, this can make the product really good in a way that’s hard to get with indoor plants.

5. Environmental Impact

Indoor growing uses a lot of electricity for lights, temperature, and other things, which isn’t that good for the environment. On the other hand, outdoor growing uses sunlight and weather, which is better for the environment. But, it’s important to know that growing outside can sometimes hurt the environment if not done right.

6. Cost

It usually costs more to grow cannabis inside because of the tools, electricity, and upkeep needed. This might make the price higher for people buying it. Growing outside usually costs less because it uses things like the sun, rain, and ground, making it cheaper to produce and maybe cheaper to buy.

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Indoor Cannabis Growth

1. Light

Indoor cannabis growing lets growers pick from different lighting options, such as:

  • LED (Light Emitting Diode): These lights are good at saving energy and last a long time. LEDs can be set to give off specific light types that help plant growth or flowering.
  • HPS (High-Pressure Sodium): These lights give off a warm, orange-yellow light that’s great for the flowering stage. But they use more energy than LEDs.
  • MH (Metal Halide): These lights give off a blue-white light, great for the plant growth stage. But they get hotter than LEDs.

By controlling the length and strength of light exposure, indoor growers can start flowering when they want, leading to many harvests throughout the year. 

2. Climate

Indoor growing allows growers to create the perfect environment:

  • Temperature: Cannabis likes temperatures between 70-85°F in the day and about 10-15°F cooler at night. By keeping this range, growers can make sure plants grow well.
  • Humidity: Young plants benefit from higher humidity levels (65-70%), which should be lowered as the plant gets bigger to avoid mold and other diseases.
  • Airflow: Good air movement ensures that plants get enough carbon dioxide and prevents stale air, which can cause diseases.

3. Nutrients

Indoors, growers use special nutrient mixtures to feed their plants. By changing the nutrient mix and feeding schedule, one can change things like how fast the plant grows, the size of the buds, and even the taste and strength of the harvest.

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Outdoor Cannabis Growth

1. Light

Outdoor plants grow well under natural sunlight, which gives a full range of light rays. This can lead to a wider range of cannabinoids and terpenes, enhancing the plant’s helpful properties. However, growers depend on the natural day-night cycle, which controls the plant’s life stages from growth to flowering.

2. Climate

In places like Thailand, the plenty of sunshine, warmth, and periodic rains make a good environment for cannabis. But there are still challenges:

  • Monsoons: Long periods of wet conditions can lead to mold and bud rot, which can badly affect the quality of the crop.
  • Humidity: High humidity levels can attract pests like spider mites and make fungal infections more likely.

3. Nutrients

While indoor growers use a lot of bottled nutrients, outdoor cannabis gets its nutrients from the soil. This can give the plant a unique, earthy flavor and smell. However, this natural feeding way might lead to differences in nutrient content, causing changes in crop quality.

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Choosing Between Indoor and Outdoor Growth

While indoor cultivation offers more control, it’s also more resource-intensive and can be costlier. Outdoor growth, on the other hand, is more environmentally friendly and can produce plants with a unique terroir, much like wine grapes. The choice between the two often boils down to the grower’s objectives, resources, and the environment they’re in.


Indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation each present their distinct benefits, appealing to different tastes and preferences. Understanding these methods is not just intriguing, but it also equips you to make informed decisions when selecting your product from our diverse collection of cannabis flowers at Phuket Weed Express.

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