Is It Legal to Use Cannabis in Phuket, Thailand?

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Phuket, known for its stunning beaches and lively culture, is a top destination for tourists worldwide. If you’re curious about the local cannabis scene, this comprehensive guide is here to clarify the laws, processes of obtaining, and responsible use of cannabis in Phuket. This guide is carefully crafted with tourists in mind, aiming to ensure your visit is enjoyable and hassle-free. 

A Closer Look at Cannabis Laws in Phuket

Cannabis in Phuket is indeed legal. But what does this mean for you as a visitor? Firstly, ‘legal’ doesn’t mean you can freely consume cannabis without limits. There are important guidelines to keep everyone safe. Thai law permits only individuals aged 20 or above to enjoy cannabis. An exception is made for pregnant or breastfeeding women, to prioritize maternal and child health.

While almost all cases (99.99%) result in a smooth experience, there’s a catch. You’ll only be this safe if you consume cannabis within the legal boundaries. Illegal distribution or attempts to smuggle it out of Thailand could lead to serious legal troubles.

A Special Note for Singaporean Visitors

Singapore’s strict approach to cannabis is well-known. Their laws don’t relax even if you’ve used cannabis while abroad. This means that you might be tested for drugs when you return to Singapore from Thailand. To our Singaporean readers, we recommend playing it safe and avoiding cannabis during your Phuket visit. 

I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT EVEN TRY. Singaporean authority will “randomly” test people returning from Thailand and people have gone to jail for this. Second hand smoke is unlikely but don’t go to areas with a lot of cannabis use. This only applies to anyone returning to Signapore from Thailand (Including Phuket).

Buying and Using Cannabis in Phuket

The number of cannabis cafes and stores in Phuket has been growing, showing that it’s becoming part of the local culture. While you might find that cannabis in Phuket is a bit more expensive than in other parts of Thailand, we at Phuket Cannabis Collective focus on quality, offering you the best products at fair prices.

Legally, you can use cannabis in private places and certain venues that offer cannabis-infused food or drinks. However, smoking in public areas like schools, temples, or shopping centers is strictly prohibited and can lead to heavy fines or even jail time. If you prefer staying in hotels, it’s important to check the hotel’s policy on cannabis. In-room smoking might not be allowed, but some hotels may have specific areas or balconies for smoking.

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Prioritizing Quality when Purchasing Cannabis

Shopping for cannabis in a foreign country can be tricky. We suggest sticking to licensed vendors. This not only ensures the legality of your purchase but also guarantees you’re getting a quality product. Phuket offers many outlets, from big stores to street stalls. But be careful of those operating outside the law. Such vendors might not pose immediate legal problems, but the quality of their products can be questionable.

Enjoying Cannabis Responsibly

While Phuket doesn’t set a personal limit on cannabis use, balance is important. The Thai Ministry of Public Health advises against driving after consumption. If you’re new to cannabis, be ready for a strong experience, and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from experienced users or staff at reputable establishments.

What to Do in Case of Legal Issues

In the rare case you find yourself dealing with legal issues, contacting a lawyer should be your first step. Thai culture and laws deserve respect. By using cannabis responsibly and being aware of local traditions, you can avoid any potential problems. If you’re not sure about the law, our team is here to help. Visit the “About Us” section on our website for more information.


 Phuket promises a wonderful experience, and being aware of the local cannabis laws can ensure it stays that way. Always remember, taking cannabis across Thai borders is illegal. Also, it’s safer to avoid mixing alcohol with cannabis. Enjoy your trip and have a great time!

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