Phuket’s Bong Experience: Chilling Out in Style

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Description: Cool Ice


Phuket is known for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and yes, for some, its cannabis culture. For those who indulge, imagine lighting up with the mesmerizing backdrop of a setting sun over Patong. Now, consider enhancing this experience with a simple trick – adding ice to your bong.

A Brief History

While the use of cannabis in bongs dates back centuries, the trick of adding ice is a relatively modern twist. Originating from the quest for a smoother hit, stoners worldwide have found ice to be their throat’s best friend.

Why Ice? The Science of the Chill

  • Cooling the Blaze: The primary reason is the temperature. Cold smoke is smoother on the throat compared to its hotter counterpart.
  • Filtration Plus: Bongs already provide filtration through water. Ice augments this by potentially trapping more unwelcome particles, giving you a purer hit. Some even believe it could reduce the intake of carcinogens, though substantial evidence is still lacking.

Built for the Chill? Check Your Bong First

Not all bongs are designed for ice. Some come with an ‘ice catch,’ which are prongs designed to hold ice above the water. If your bong lacks this feature, letting the ice sit in the water works too. When in Phuket, you might come across unique bongs tailored for the ice experience. Exploring local markets could lead to such exciting finds.

The Chilling Advantages (and a Few Caveats)


  • A less harsh hit, protecting your throat.
  • Potential extra filtration, though this is still debated.
  • An enchanting visual effect as smoke dances around the ice.


  • Your bong might sweat due to condensation, so a coaster can come in handy.
  • Not every bong is ice-friendly. When shopping in Phuket, ensure you ask vendors for specifics.
  • Melting ice could alter water levels in your bong, so careful not to overfill.
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Description: Man smoking a bong

Does Ice Elevate the High?

There’s a popular notion in the cannabis community: Ice makes you feel ‘higher’. But is this scientifically accurate? Not necessarily. The belief might stem from the fact that cooler smoke allows for larger hits, which could mean more THC intake in one go. But it’s essential to differentiate between ‘feeling higher’ and the actual increase in THC.

Safety Above All

As cool (pun intended) as the ice trick is, safety should always be paramount:

  • Smoking itself has inherent risks, such as exposure to carcinogens.
  • Some report that ice bongs can lead to bronchitis. While evidence is limited, it’s always best to listen to your body and use moderation.
  • Hygiene is vital. Always ensure your bong is clean, especially if sharing with friends on the beach.

How to Get it Right

  1. Check for an Ice Catch: If your bong has one, great! If not, no stress.
  2. Ice It Up: Add as many cubes as you’d like. Some prefer letting it melt a bit in water, especially if the cubes are too large.
  3. Start Slowly: Without an ice catch, adding ice directly to the water is fine. But be cautious – too much movement could lead to tasting bong water, and nobody wants that.


While in Phuket, experimenting with ice in your bong could be an exciting adventure. As always, prioritize safety, respect local laws, and ensure that your enjoyment doesn’t come at the expense of your well-being or that of others. Stay chill and enjoy Phuket’s beauty!

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