Top 10 things you can do high: Cannabis in Phuket

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Imagine this: you’re sitting comfortably in your favorite spot at your Phuket home, having just tried some cannabis. Whether it’s a type that gives you more energy or one that helps you relax, you might be wondering – what now? To help you decide, here’s a simple list of 10 indoor activities to make your experience in Phuket more enjoyable and special.

1. Movies to Watch

Being high can accentuate your emotional response and enhance your perception, transforming a movie watching experience into a profound journey. Depending on your mood and strain, here are some recommendations:

  • Mind-bending Films:

    If you’re seeking something that challenges perception and reality, dive into the intricate world of films like “Inception”, “Interstellar”, and “The Matrix”. These movies play with concepts of time, space, and identity, leading you through a maze of thought-provoking questions. With the Sativa strain’s stimulating effects, you can actively engage with complex narratives and thought experiments these films propose.

  • Heartfelt Stories:

    Looking for something more emotionally driven? Films like “The Pursuit of Happyness” or “Big Fish” are compelling choices. These movies tell deeply human stories of struggle, perseverance, and love. With an Indica strain helping to dial down distractions, you might find yourself more empathetic and invested in these characters’ journeys.

  • Animated Gems:

    Don’t underestimate the power of animation to take you on an incredible journey. Studio Ghibli films like “Spirited Away” or “My Neighbor Totoro” offer a perfect balance of mesmerizing visuals, fascinating characters, and deep messages about love, friendship, and the environment. Being high can make you appreciate the craft, storytelling, and philosophical undertones these films offer.

2. TV Series Binge

A good TV show can make you laugh, think, cry, or all of the above, particularly when you’re high and potentially more receptive to subtle themes and nuances. Here are some series that align well with the cannabis experience:

  • Animated Series:

    Series like “Rick and Morty” and “The Midnight Gospel” combine absurdist humor with philosophical musings. Being high can make you more receptive to the visual and narrative complexity these shows bring, amplifying both your laughter and your reflections.

  • Food & Travel Shows:

    If you’re looking for something more relaxing, dive into the world of culinary exploration. “Chef’s Table” presents the journey of world-class chefs and their cuisine, while “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” combines food with culture and travel. Watching these shows while high can enhance your sensory imagination, making you almost taste the food and feel the different cultures right from your living room.

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3. Creative Expression

If you’re using the Sativa type of cannabis that often helps with creativity and different thinking, why not use this chance to make some art? Get your art things ready – it’s time to create:

  • Doodling & Drawing:

    You don’t have to make a great work of art; just let your ideas flow onto the paper. Doodling and drawing can feel good and be very satisfying when you’re high, letting you show your mood, thoughts, or feelings in pictures. You might be surprised at how creative you can be.

  • Painting:

    If you feel like doing more, painting can be a really interesting activity. Mixing colors and making pictures can feel almost like meditating. Plus, the picture you make – a real thing that shows how you felt when you were high – could be something cool to keep.

  • Digital Art:

    If you think normal art is too messy, you could try making art on a computer or tablet. Apps like Procreate or Adobe Illustrator have lots of tools to let you be creative. You could make anything from an abstract design to a detailed picture of someone’s face.

4. Games and Puzzles

Playing games or doing puzzles can be a great way to have fun and keep your mind busy when you’re high. The mental energy from a Sativa type of cannabis can make these even more fun:

  • Board Games:

    If you’re by yourself or with friends, board games can be lots of fun. Games like “Catan” or “Ticket to Ride” need you to think and can be very exciting. If you’re on your own, there are one-person games like “Friday” or “Onirim.”

  • Puzzles:

    Puzzles can be really interesting. A 500-piece jigsaw puzzle can keep you busy for hours. If you want something harder, 3D puzzles or even Rubik’s cubes can be a fun challenge.

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5. Kitchen Adventures: A Fun Time with Food

Food often tastes better when you’re high, and it’s really true. Cannabis can make your taste and smell senses better, turning cooking and eating into something really fun. Here’s how to have a great time in the kitchen:

  • Cooking:

    If you feel like it, cooking can be very interesting. Cutting up food, mixing it in a pot, smelling it cook, and tasting what you made can feel really good. It’s something you can really get into, using all your senses. You could even try cooking something from another country for a fun new experience.

  • Baking:

    If you like sweets, baking might be the thing for you. Measuring stuff, mixing it together, and waiting while it bakes can be fun and feel good. And of course, you get a tasty treat when you’re done!

  • Just be careful when cooking or baking if you’re really high. Stay away from sharp things or hot stuff if you feel too out of it.

6. Playing Video Games

For a fun and interesting time while high, think about playing video games. With so many types and exciting worlds to see, video games can be a very involved and hands-on adventure. Here’s how to enjoy video gaming at home:

  • Choosing Games:

    Pick from many exciting games like “League of Legends,” “Minecraft,” or “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).” Each offers something different, from fighting with other players in “League of Legends” to building worlds in “Minecraft,” to exciting shooting action in “CS:GO.”

  • Digital Adventures:

    Get lost in virtual worlds, whether it’s fighting in “League of Legends,” being creative in “Minecraft,” or planning with your team in “CS:GO.” The interactive part of these games can make you feel like you’re really there in exciting stories.

  • Noticing Details:

    While playing, take time to enjoy the beautiful pictures, small details, and great music in each game. Being more aware of your senses when you’re high can make playing video games even more fun and involving.

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7. Stargazing

Staring at the night sky and thinking about how big it is can be really amazing, especially when you’re high. You can think about how beautiful the universe is and where we fit in. Here’s how to look at the stars from home:

  • Looking Through a Telescope:

    If you have a telescope, put it by a window or outside. Look at the moon, find planets, or just watch the stars. It’s really beautiful and feels like an adventure.

  • Finding Constellations:

    You can also learn about star patterns and try to find them. Apps like Star Walk can help you see stars, planets, and star patterns. It’s fun and you learn something too.

  • Watching Meteor Showers:

    If you’re lucky, you might see a meteor shower. It looks amazing and feels like the universe is putting on a show just for you.

8. Guided Meditation

If you’ve used an Indica type of cannabis, you might feel calm and thoughtful. This is a good time to meditate. Meditating when you’re high can help you feel more connected to yourself and everything around you:

  • Being Mindful:

    This way of meditating makes you think about your breath, thoughts, and feelings without judging them. Being more aware of your senses when you’re high can help you feel more in touch with yourself and the present moment.

  • Using Your Imagination:

    This is about imagining a peaceful place or going on a mental journey, helped by a recorded voice. Your better imagination when high can make this feel more real and help you escape in your mind.

  • Listening to Soothing Sounds:

    This is listening to calming sounds, usually from things like singing bowls or gongs. The sounds help you relax and meditate. When high, you can hear better, making this a very calming and interesting experience.

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9. A Musical Journey: Listening to Music in a New Way

Music and cannabis go great together. Cannabis can change how you feel time and make your senses sharper, so listening to music can be really cool and different. Here’s how you can enjoy music more:

  • Listening to a Whole Album:

    Pick an album from a band or artist you like and listen to the whole thing. Some albums, like Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon” or Radiohead’s “Kid A”, are made to take you on a journey. You might find new things in songs you didn’t notice before.

  • Trying Different Music Styles:

    If you want to try something new, listen to music you don’t know well. It could be jazz, blues, or classical music. Listening to this when you’re high might help you get what makes different kinds of music special.

  • Watching Live Concerts:

    You can watch great live concerts on the internet right at home. From Queen at Live Aid to Billie Holiday, you can feel like you’re at the show. The crowd, the playing, and the real, live sound can be really cool when you’re high.

10. Moving Your Body: Fun with Exercise

You can still do fun body things even inside. Soft exercises can make you feel good, and dancing can make you feel happy. Here’s how to move and have fun:

  • Yoga:

    Yoga puts together body poses and thinking about now, so it’s good for both body and mind. When high, you might feel your body and breathing more, which can make it more fun. There are lots of online guides and apps like “Down Dog” to help you do yoga.

  • Pilates:

    Like yoga, Pilates helps with strong middle body muscles, bending, and thinking about your moves. An Indica type of cannabis can help you relax and feel your body better while you work out.

  • Dancing:

    If you have a lot of energy, dancing can be a great way to show how you feel. You can follow an online dance class or just play fun music and dance how you want. Dancing can help you let go and have fun, especially when you’re high.


So, that’s a big list of things to do inside while you’re high in Phuket. You can watch movies, lose yourself in music, or dance to your heart’s content. The idea is to have a great time and feel good, but always be careful and choose what feels safe and comfortable for you. Happy exploring!

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