What is in a Prerolls: Cannabis in Phuket

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In Phuket, a tropical island known for its beautiful beaches, there’s an emerging trend capturing the interest of locals and tourists alike – prerolls. In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of prerolls, a convenient and increasingly popular form of cannabis consumption. We aim to explore the facts, debunk the myths, and explain why prerolls are gaining such prominence in Phuket’s cannabis market. It’s important to note that there are instances of imported cannabis from Laos, which is illegal and often of bad quality and harsh. Avoid these by purchasing from a reputable source.

What is a Preroll?

Prerolls, also called pre-rolled joints, are like cannabis cigarettes. They are made by filling a paper cone with ground cannabis. The key attraction is the ease – a product that’s ready to smoke without having to grind and roll the cannabis yourself.

The Makeup of Prerolls: The Good and the Complicated

At their simplest, prerolls hold ground cannabis. However, the exact contents can vary depending on the brand, cost, and how open they are about their product:

  • Whole Flower Prerolls: These are well-respected as they contain only ground cannabis buds. They represent the strength and flavors of the strain(s) used.
  • Trim Prerolls: Typically cheaper, these hold trimmings from the cannabis plant – tiny leaf and stem pieces leftover from bud trimming. They may not have the same strength or distinct flavors as whole flower prerolls, but they are a more pocket-friendly choice.
  • Mixed Prerolls: Some brands mix buds and trims, offering a product that’s balanced in terms of price and quality.
  • Enhanced Prerolls: For a more potent experience, some prerolls are boosted with cannabis concentrates like kief, hash oil, or terpenes.

The Growing Popularity of Prerolls

While making your own joint is an age-old tradition, the popularity of prerolls comes from:

  • Consistency: Prerolls made by professionals give a regular burn for a steady and expected experience.
  • Variety: With a broad array of strains and combinations, users can customize their experience depending on mood, occasion, or simply curiosity.
  • Ease of Use: Prerolls remove the fear factor for beginners, serving as an easy introduction to the world of cannabis.

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Price Factors

Prerolls are often less expensive than their loose flower equivalents. A main reason for this is the use of trim, a byproduct that’s less expensive than high-quality buds. As a result, trim-based prerolls can be made and sold at more appealing prices.

Selecting Your Preroll

  • Honesty: Transparent brands will tell you what’s in their prerolls. Look for product descriptions that specify if it’s made from buds, trims, or a mix.
  • Purpose: If you’re after a pure cannabis experience, whole flower prerolls are your best bet. For a big get-together or a more budget-friendly option, trim or mixed prerolls could be a better fit.
  • Strength: Enhanced prerolls deliver a stronger effect, but may not be suitable for everyone, particularly beginners.


Prerolls, with their wide range, cater to a broad variety of cannabis users. By understanding their details, you can make choices that match your preferences, budget, and the type of experience you’re after. Make honesty a priority, and remember, in the fast-paced world of cannabis, knowledge boosts enjoyment.

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